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Humanitarian Ethos
Philanthropic Endeavours

ACCHomes Staff and Children have a wonderful empathy for those less fortunate and attempt yearly to raise money for a singular cause voted on which varies from year to year.

Current project:

Please help us raise money to feed the poor children of Gaza who are currently starving, eating grass, homeless and majority of them orphans. Nathan Sweet has arranged for staff to take part in a personal goal scaling distance within 123 days and raising money for the charity Gaza Families (Donate to the Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territory Appeal (

History of past successfully raised funds for different charities:

It started one year as one of our staff walked by the food bank and saw how poorly stocked it was. She raised her idea of raising money to restock the food bank with her manager and the children also enthusiastically joined in with a bake sale to help this worthy cause. It was really well received by the staff, children and instilled humbleness and gratitude for what we have. The children felt a sense of purpose and worth in aiding in charity. Since then we have chosen different causes yearly to raise money for. Another year it was Yemen, last year it was for the homeless and this year it is for emergency aid for survivors of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey/Syria.


Peruse our faithful blogging managers account of a "sleep-out" which is shared below to encapsulate the attempt of staff to authentically mimic the hardship of those homeless to raise money which was done so successfully in winter 2022.

Hindley Moore organised a costumed walk in Dovedale with Ashwood House children to raise emergency funds to aid the British Red Cross Society in helping the current disaster in Turkey/Syria due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in 2022. Alderwood House and Amberwood House organised a bake sale and raised money for this cause too. 

Last July 2023: ​Nathan Sweet organised a company wide walk in support of YoungMinds a charity dedicated to the mental wellbeing of young people. Staff collectively completed 280 miles in 1 day, both Nathan and Annabelle (Alderwood Home Manager) did 50 miles a piece! We even had a young person join and walk 14 miles in support. With the money raised this can go towards putting interventions in place to help children with mental health needs. See picture off cheery faces in yellow at the start of their journey... To continue to support click here

Amberwood house with support from the young people embraced the cold on 10/11/23 in support of YMCA and raised £250 pounds, well done everyone!



ACCHomes are proud of our staff and children's philanthropic efforts and we work to encourage and develop those who have insightful ideas to improve not just our children's lives but the wider community.

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