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Our Staff

Huge Congratualations to Amberwood House for winning the New Care Home of the Year Business Awards 2024!

We would like to give a mention to staff who have shown loyalty and dedication to ACCHomes and have hit the 5 years milestone. The first staff members to reach this milestone are Rob Lighton and Fatima Jan. Their dedication to the children and the warmth they have brought to the company is greatly appreciated. 

Rob's steady, implacable calm demeanour and gentle way with the young people is an inspiration and as a senior at Ashwood House (our first), he's seen as Mr Ashwood.

​Fatima's quirky, non-judgemental and easy-going character brings a smile to the most difficult audience. It's because of her ability to engage others with such simplicity that enables the young people to trust her.​ She is well received by everyone, in the company and extending out to the local authorities too!!

Eleanor Mee, our Alderwood House Deputy Manager, has risen from being an RSW in July 2018 to her position as a deputy. She is empathic, resilient, fun and a joy to be around. In the 5 years this hasn't changed but evolved into a dependable leader that you can lean on. 

Nathan Sweet (our now RI and Operational Manager) has been with the company for 5 years since August 2018 initially starting as a Deputy Manager but moving up the ranks swiftly as per his ability, hard work and determination. His morals, work ethic and love of the company shows daily behind the scenes and on the scene. He is a force that people gravitate towards and is loved by all.

​Emma Mckeown, our Amberwood Deputy Manager has reached the 5 year milestone March 2024. Her calm gravitas brings order to chaos and her empathy for others is what started ACCHomes on their philanthropic endeavours.

Amy Self, manager of Ashwood House and Applewood House started with us an RSW 5 years ago in  June 2019. Her determination, respectful demeanour and fierce advocacy of the children allows her to take in challenges with calm. She is an asset to ACCHomes and a pleasure to work with. 

Charlotte Byrne, deputy manager of Applewood House,  in July 2024 has been with the company for 5 years, working up the ranks from rsw at Ashwood, to senior at Alderwood to now deputy at Applewood. She has show resilience and growth in her time with us and we wish her all best in her continued advancement. 

Ben Zamir, RSW, has worked across Ashwood, Alderwood and Amberwood since in employ from July 2019. He has been more than willing to fill in for colleagues when needed and is a versatile team player and a personable character that the children can find common ground and positive role model in.

Thank you all.

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